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At first Weapons were meant to have variance in damage, but later a the feature was removed alongside a statement as follows.
After taking in feedback from the community and lots of discussions within the team, we decided to REMOVE Damage Variance from the game.
We agree that a random factor doesn't have any place in a game that is set to be competitive.

Weapon Cards

Explanations for some stats:

  • Spread: Potential spread of your weapon
  • Optimal Distance: The optimal distance to hit most of your shots.
  • Reload: The time it takes to reload the weapon
  • Rounds per Minute (RpM): The amount of bullets the weapon fires per 60 seconds
  • Damage over distance: The further away you are from your optimal distance, the less damage your weapon deals
  • Damage Variance: Your weapon damage isn't constant, it will sometimes be more and sometimes be less


These are weapon cards currently available
Wicked Shotgun for the Tank
Wicked Short-Range Shotgun Card.png

Resident Shotgun for the Tank
Resident Mid-Range Shotgun Card.png

Wicked Short-Range Machine Gun for the Tank
Wicked Short-Range Machine Gun Card.png

Resident Short-Range Machine Gun for the Tank
Resident Short-Range Machine Gun Card.png

Wicked RPG for the Tank
Wicked RPG Card.png

Resident RPG for the Tank
Resident RPG Card.png

Wicked Long-Range Pistol for the Sniper, Spotter and Thief
Wicked Long-Range Pistol Card.png

Resident Mid-Range SMG for the Spotter
Resident Mid-Range SMG Card.png


Crosshair Contest.png

The initial crosshairs were chosen and made in a contest by the community. Even though these crossharirs were chosen, there will be a ways of changing individual crosshairs in the game, no more information about that has been given since the contest.
All the winners got an Alpha key.