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Cosmetics are in-game items designed to change the the look of the characters and their weapons. Purchasable cosmetics do not give a competitive edge over default items but do, however, provide ways to change the appearance of the characters.

Cosmetics can be acquired by purchase using Vengeance Points from the game store and from the special deals store section. Cosmetics have also been given out for free through promotions by Raw Vengeance Games, as well as rewards for pledging in the Kickstarter campaign.


So far some hats have been revealed through in-game footage Top hatTop hat.png, Bunny earsBunny ears.png, BeretBeret.png, Fishing hatFishing hat.png, HatHat.png. Hats will be purchasable cosmetic items equippable on the head of the character.


So far one pair of glasses have been revealed. The monocle has also been revealed. Resident glasses.png


So far a bandana, cigar, pipe, and wheat tip have been revealed as mouthpieces. Bandana.pngResident pipe.png

Shoulder pets

Shoulder pets

Shirts and sweaters

Shirts and sweaters are items equipable on the upper body of the characters.


Pants are items that are equipable on the lower body of the characters.


Shoes are cosmetics that are equipt to the feet of the character.